Wabash Middle School
Building a Legacy of Opportunity for All

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Clubs & Activities

Wabash City Schools recognizes the importance of keeping students engaged outside of the classroom as part of their academic success and happiness.  As a result, Wabash Middle School offers several clubs and activities:
After-School Library Club (All Grades)
Art Club (All Grades)
Breakfast Club (All Grades)
Card Club ( Grades 6-8)
Chess Club (All Grades)
Gaming Club (Grades 7-8)
Guitar Club (Grades 7-8)
Helper Club (5th Grade)
National Jr. Honor Society (Grade 6-8)
Rubix Cube Club (Grades 5-6)
Science Club (6-8)
Service Club (All Grades)
Singing Club (5th Grade)
Strings Club (All Grades)
Student Council (All Grades)